Easy and Clean to Use
90% Test Accuracy
Quick Results in 2 Minutes

Urinary Tract Infection Test Kit

Wellness Test Kit

Non-Absorbent Cat Litter

P-Scoop, the Telescopic Collector

PawCheck® Test Kits are an innovative method for Pet Parents to screen their Dogs and Cats for common Health Conditions, in the comfort of their Home, at first Suspicious Symptoms or as Preventive Care.

  • One-Step, Easy and Clean with Results in 2 Minutes
  • 90% Accuracy – as accurate as tests used in clinics
  • Patented Test Device to protect users from any contact with chemicals on strips
  • No pipetting and no dripping during test handling
  • Sample Collectors uniquely designed to facilitate collection task

PawCheck® is complementary to veterinary and holistic care, combined with a balanced diet and regular exercise.

If detected early, Urinary Tract Infection is treatable, Diabetes is manageable, and Kidney Failure can be slowed, enabling your Pet Family to enjoy many more years of happiness.

With PawCheck®, a Healthy Life starts at an Early Stage.


  • Abby is my 5 year old chihuahua rescued from our local shelter, Bowling Green Warren County (KY) Humane Society.
    She was sick when I rescued her on 9-11-2012. Suffering with severe chronic pancreatitis. After several bouts, her pancreas failed. She was diagnosed with diabetes Jan 2016. I immediately began my research into this vicious disease. It affects every vital organ. I needed an accurate, inexpensive method of monitoring her general health & also for UTI’S since they are very common with a diabetic. In managing Abby’s diabetes, I use the Genteel Lancing Device. For her UTI, I came across PawCheck & decided to give it a try. I asked my vet also & he said they would be much more accurate than using human strips since the make up of canines is much different than humans. I’ve used both the general health & the UTI for keeping a check on Abby. I feel very confident in the results & so far her annual bloodwork supports their accuracy. I do a general health check every 6 mos & UTI check about every 3, unless I see unusual behavior from her. So far we have managed to keep her UTI free. I recommend PawCheck to all my diabetic dog groups & those I know personally with diabetic pups. Diabetes is a disease that can be successfully treated & managed if you decide to take control of IT! Home monitoring their blood sugar is critical as is monitoring for UTIs & their general health. PawCheck is vital in the care of my “Sugar Baby” Abby.

    Lori Majors, Bowling Green, Kentucky